I'm originally a graphic designer by trade with a love of iconic buildings. So, with my hobby of local history, I set about creating my own personal style to capture these wonderful buildings on paper.

I have been lucky enough to have been born in Worsley Village, near Manchester. The area and those surrounding it are blessed with a multitude of gorgeous buildings. So much so, that for many years I took them all for granted. When you open your eyes, you see they are everywhere - so I started doing my Doodle Arounds of them all - well almost all - I certainly have not finished, far from it!


With the help of books, the internet and Facebook friends off local groups; I have also learned so much about our area. So this was an opportunity to try to capture it all in one place together with information regarding the history surrounding the buildings.

What started out as a way of relaxing and gifts for friends and family, has since grown into my beloved business and takes up my waking hours but in a good way. I absolutely love being part of a surprise gift, be it 3D Doodles, Personalised Area Doodles, Doodle Hugs, Hello Baby or full commissions. Love it.


Would love to hear from you soon xx Meryl

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